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Timber Floor Sanding Gold Coast

Floor Sanding Gold Coast, established in Floor Sanding and Timber Flooring industry since 1991. 

Spotted Gum Decking above, See pictures for “before” picture.

Pigmented Coasting systems 

I’ve personally been Pigmenting and direct staining floors since the early 1990s. Timber floor above is Grey Ironbark, if familiar with the species you’d notice this looks completely different!

Pigment Coating over direct stain Coating System 

I will always put down samples for approval before you commit even if you choose clear. Cost is around $15m2 for pigmentation. 

Raw Pigmented coating System

The timber above is Pigmented Grey under White with 4% sheen level. BonaTraffic HD Raw is 4% sheen level which is far below Matt finish.Cypress Pine is normally yellow orange with brown knots especially when product discolours. Pigmented finishes are much loved by Interior Designers when working with new deco finishes! 

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We provide 5 years guarantee against faulty materials or bad workmanship! 

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We provide a great range of stain, pigmented plus natural coating.